Getting Sober In 2020!

Published on December 30, 2019

Happy New Year and Season’s Greetings from The Palms family to you and yours!  

This is especially the case if you’ve become sober this past year, or you’re currently working on getting sober. The start of 2020 is the perfect opportunity to create goals for yourself that will help you stay successful on your path to sobriety. View some of the best sober New Year’s resolutions for 2020 that you can hold yourself accountable to.

If you need a safe space to stay sober, our sober living environment at The Palms Recovery Center may be right for you. Contact us and learn how we can help.

We’re very thankful for our amazing community of successful clients in recovery committed to sober living. We’d like to wish you and your family much health and success in 2020. We hope 2020 has a lot of opportunities in store for you. We hope that 2020 can be another year that changes your life for the better. If drugs and alcohol have been controlling your life, this is your chance to break free. Start making positive, healthy steps towards the life you’ve been missing out on.

  • Get Healthy in 2020
  • Get Your Life on Track in 2020
  • Get Your Family Life Back in 2020
  • Get Better – You know that you’re better off sober! Let us Help!

How to Set SMART Goals

First and foremost, it helps to know how to create smart, achievable goals. The goals you set need to follow the SMART acronym, meaning they should be:

  • Specific. Don’t define your goal too broadly. Make sure it’s something very particular on which you can focus.
  • Measurable. Choose a goal that is measurable so that you can see the progress you’ve made. This also helps you easily tell when you’ve achieved or are achieving that goal.
  • Action-related. Smart goals require a concrete, definitive behavior change or action.
  • Realistic. You know your abilities and limits. Find a goal that will be a challenge, but one that you know you can reach.
  • Timely. Choose a goal that has particular significance in relation to where you’re at in life currently.

Sober New Year’s Resolutions

Now that you have the tools and knowledge to set SMART goals for 2020, here are a few ideas to help get you started on your sober New Year’s Resolutions. Write the ones that stick out to you down, then place them in an area where you’ll see them and be continually reminded of them:

Ask for help when needed. Make it your mission to truly ask for help when you’re struggling in 2020. Don’t wait until you’re on the verge of relapse to do so. Know your triggers and be confident in reaching out.

Exercise daily. Your health will benefit immensely from sobriety as well as exercise. You’ll begin to enjoy more energy and better overall health when you prioritize growing in strength and endurance every day.

New Hobby. Fill your time with things you’ve always wanted to do and learn. Find a new hobby and spend time working on it, learning it, and enjoying it every week. You may even meet new people to call friends at the same time (see below!).

Make new Friends who Support Sobriety. Aim to meet new people who aren’t simply around you because of alcohol and drug use. You may find these people when you are exposed to new hobbies or family events. Finding supportive friends will help you stay focused and confident in your sobriety.

Why a Sober New Year’s Resolution Can Work

Because getting clean and sober is the result of a Higher Power working in our lives, and relieving us of that burden on His time, that means that it could be any day if we are truly ready. Case in point, our own Thurman Hines has New Year’s Day as his sobriety birthday so it is entirely possible that our Higher Power may make the call for us on New Year’s.

As they say: “Don’t leave before the miracle happens!”

However, there are 364 (or 365) other days that it could happen on—if it happens. It is a hard reality to accept, but there are many who unfortunately don’t get clean and sober ever—let alone due to a sober New Year’s Resolution.

If it was a matter of just putting the drink or drugs down, there’d be much higher rates of success, but clearly, that isn’t the case.

2020 is Your Year!

If you’ve been working hard to get sober this year or you’re working on it right now, 2020 is definitely your year to shine. Employ a few of these sober New Year’s resolutions for 2020, and watch your life change for the better! And remember, if you ever need help staying clean and sober, a sober living environment can be of assistance. The Palms Recovery Contact Us Today!