Why Can’t One Rehab at Home?

You may believe you can guide your loved one–or yourself–through withdrawal and rehab at home, but inpatient drug rehab is the most effective way to treat substance abuse and lead to lifelong recovery.

Home Is Not a Neutral Environment

One of the most important elements of inpatient drug rehab is a neutral environment, which gives the person with substance abuse problems a space free of temptations and other enabling factors. Inpatient rehab is a safe setting full of established tools and professional support that delivers the caring they need while relieving them from the burden of trying to manage typical daily life with recovery from addiction.

You Don’t Have the Tools You Need at Home

Recovery from addiction begins with withdrawal. Eliminating toxins from the body needs to be a professionally-supervised, guided, and supported process to minimize discomfort and relapse. Inpatient Treatment at The Palms Recovery delivers a focused method and managed withdrawal with minimal introduction of new methods or non-narcotic detox into the body. Cleansing measures also include full-body rehabilitation and wellness through methods like yoga, meditation, nutrition, acupuncture, guided imagery, pet therapy, and/or herbal therapy.

There Are Too Many Distractions Outside of Rehab

Some argue it’s important to rehab in a known environment to learn to function without drugs or alcohol in familiar spaces. An inpatient drug rehab automatically eliminates obstacles and distractions that could derail the recovery. Weaknesses and setbacks will occur, but if they happen in a completely sober environment free from distractions or access to off-limit substances, the individual will be focused on the goal of recovery. In a dedicated rehab facility, he or she will learn how to create a new lifestyle and develop healthy habits.

 The Palms Recovery – Recovery Success in Paradise!

Successful inpatient drug rehab and alcohol rehab contains many elements that cannot be mimicked in one’s own home. The Palms Recovery in Palm Beach, Florida. We’re an established rehab facility that can help your loved one recover wholly so he or she is ready to embrace a new life, free of substances. Call today at (844) 80-PALMS to speak with a trained admissions counselor.

Recovery From Addiction Has Many Options

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Opioid Addiction Treatment
Cocaine Addiction Treatment
Drug Addiction

About The Palms

The Palms Recovery is a team of dedicated professionals who are committed to providing the best treatment experience to our clients. By providing a safe and structured treatment environment, our multi-disciplinary treatment team works together to help our clients fight their addiction and achieve their goals. By focusing on each person’s individual needs, we develop a comprehensive treatment plan to help each individual achieve success through a holistic program. We use a 12-step model along with evidence-based cognitive and experiential therapy.

Our comprehensive treatment services allow us to help a wide range of addiction needs from different types of individuals. The Palms Recovery is a licensed and certified drug rehabilitation center located in Sunny Palm Beach Florida! Our state-of-the-art facility is managed and operated as a safe haven with a caring, accepting, and warm environment that is structured to foster healing, recovery, and sobriety.

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