Recovery Treatment Philosophy

The Palms Recovery is a team of dedicated professionals who are committed to providing the best treatment experience to our clients. By providing a safe and structured treatment environment, our multi-disciplinary treatment team works together to help our clients fight their addiction and achieve their goals. By focusing on each person’s individual needs, we develop a comprehensive treatment plan to help each individual achieve success through a holistic program. We use a 12-step model along with evidence-based cognitive and experiential therapy. 

Our comprehensive treatment services allow us to help a wide range of addiction needs from different types of individuals. The Palms Recovery is a licensed and certified drug rehabilitation center located in Sunny Palm Beach, Florida! Our state-of-the-art facility is managed and operated as a safe haven with a caring, accepting, and warm environment that is structured to foster healing, recovery, and sobriety.

Multidisciplinary Techniques in Treating Addiction

Our Philosophy

The Palms Recovery’s mission is to be an industry leader as an agent of change, creating and delivering the highest quality, most diversified, and most effective treatments for behavioral health and wellness.

Including in our mission statement is to provide the most comfortable and therapeutic program in addiction treatment, The Palms Recovery is committed to helping clients and their families through the most difficult time in their life. No matter the treatment modality or program, each client can expect the best care possible from licensed and trained professionals. We believe that by hiring the best people, creating the best environments, being the best neighbors, and by emphasizing unconditional positive regard and total accountability in all of our affairs, we can contribute positively and measurably to the health of the individual, the family, the employee and the larger community. During growth, stability, and change, we can maintain a central feeling that in coming here, our clients, employees, and associates have made the right choice for each patient to attain the ultimate goal of a lifetime of recovery! We’re Open in accordance with all CDC, State, and Federal Guidelines. 1-844-80-PALMS