What is Alcohol Addiction?

People drink to socialize, celebrate, and relax. Alcohol often has a strong effect on people—and throughout history, people have struggled to understand and manage alcohol’s power. Why does alcohol cause people to act and feel differently? How much is too much? Why do some people become addicted while others do not? The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism is researching the answers to these and many other questions about alcohol. Here’s what is known:

Alcohol’s effects vary from person to person, depending on a variety of factors, including:

Pay attention to your consume

While drinking alcohol is itself not necessarily a problem—drinking too much can cause a range of consequences, and increase your risk for a variety of problems.

Alcohol abuse is which is traditionally known as alcoholism. Regardless, if you know and care about someone who is either definitely an alcoholic or someone who you suspect may be, there are ways to help, start and intervention, and is the process of assisting the process… you might want to seek help for yourself dealing with a loved one with this addiction. Alcohol, as with most substances, abuse is the step directly preceding addiction. However, there are some ways to tell abuse and addiction apart.

Our Alcohol Recovery Program

Our alcohol detox program offers a safe and comfortable environment for individuals suffering from alcohol dependency to recover in a tranquil, safe setting. Alcohol detoxification is the essential first step, a supervised period with zero alcohol intake for effective treatment and management of alcohol addiction. Our certified clinical staff members are on duty 24/7 to support clients through the recovery process. In addition to care for alcohol withdrawal symptoms, our clients are also given the opportunity to support one another and receive education and counseling about their addiction problem and its effective treatment. The Palms Recovery Center provides individualized care and custom long term plan to provide and encourage the adjustment to sustained sobriety.