Intensive Outpatient Program

The Palms Recovery offers an Intensive Outpatient Program for those who have completed a residential or day-night treatment program or for those who are in need of intensive treatment but do not require a residential setting. Clients can get intensive treatment while living a life in recovery. Intensive outpatient treatment consists of group and individual therapy sessions for at least 9 hours per week. Sessions are offered in during the day and in the evening, for those who work during the day.

How does the Outpatient Drug Rehab program work?

Outpatient addiction treatment for both drug and alcohol rehab is flexible. Classes are four days a week, three hours per day. Group times vary by location. Outpatient groups last four to six weeks. Many patients have work and family commitments. They may also have school and other obligations. If you do, too, the program will fit your daily lifestyle. You can begin the program right away.

Your Intensive Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Program includes:

In these sessions, you and your counselor talk about your recovery issues.

Addiction affects you and your family. The family program educates your family about addiction. It also offers ways to recover and heal.

Your group counseling builds trust and compassion. You also come to understand that you are not alone with this disease.

These groups teach you and your family about the emotional and behavioral effects of addiction, as well as the physiological and spiritual effects.

You are taught how to use the tools of the 12-step program. You are also integrated into your own community’s 12-step program.

These groups connect you with local resources and healthcare professionals that will help you get back on a positive path.

Discharge planning helps you return to daily life with the tools you need to stay sober. Your discharge plan will meet your specific needs.

These groups help you see relapse warning signs. They also help you build strong coping skills to prevent a relapse.

Some of the additional benefits of an intensive outpatient program include:

Some of our groups also include: