Family Services at The Palms Recovery

At The Palms Recovery, we believe that addiction is a family disease. Although one member of the family may be the one identified as the addict, we realize that everyone close to that individual is affected. Family members begin to change their own behaviors and act in ways that may enable their loved one’s substance use. Without help, the family may also begin to develop unhealthy thoughts and behavior patterns that affect their own lives in negative ways. By educating the family about addiction and codependency, our clients and their families are able to begin the healing and recovering process.

Through a variety of educational presentations and activities, Hazelden Betty Ford’s Family Program provides your whole family the opportunity to begin your own journey of recovery.

Recovery is stronger when all family members understand the nature of drug addiction and are involved in the healing process. By educating you about the disease of addiction and the different ways family members are affected—whether parent, child, spouse or partner

Our programs and services help you:


Some of the benefits of Family Services include: